That’s what Fox News is dishonestly “wondering” these days, and I think we all know why: because protests are news, but not of so much importance that you spend entire weeks covering them. Remember how much coverage the immigration rallies got last year? About a day’s worth. And that’s how organization’s covered the Tea Parties.

Also, the idea that an entire “news” organization was pushing these events as if they were their own creates an environment where the protests were instantly discredited. I argued this a few days ago, and I know Fox realizes exactly what they were doing. So this “Gee, Fox was the only one to cover these,” nonsense is yet another Machiavellian marketing tactic to make conservatives feel victimized.

In fact, here’s Fox playing the victim itself…

I’m serious, this type of clearly dishonest commentary is appalling from a news organization. But, by the same token, so were all the jokes that MSNBC were cracking about teabagging. They could have stayed above the fray, but they decide to mix it up with Fox and now they’ve been dirtied up too.

Folks, we’re seeing our cable “news” channels quickly going down the toilet into the tabloidization model that Rupert Murdoch pioneered. Only CNN is providing news shows without some readily apparent bias anymore and their ratings are tanking. Is this really where we want it to go? Is the market deciding that as long as it’s entertaining and has a little news in it, that’s what constitutes news?

Coming from a background in journalism, this trend shakes me to the core. And there’s literally nothing I can see that’s going to stop it from getting worse.

Politics Why Wasn’t There More Coverage Of Tea Parties?