The most accurate gauge of the employment picture (referred to as U6) is getting a lot worse…

One thing to take into consideration is that this graph does go back to 1995 so the fact that it’s going straight up like isn’t as scary as you’d think.

Still, it ain’t good.

This is due to many factors, but check out how Temporary Help Services employment has dropped by 27% in the past year…

By the way, according to those stats I pointed to in the very first link, unemployment is at 9.8% when seasonally adjusted and 10.3% when not seasonally adjusted. Also, the 15.6% underemployment number is seasonally adjusted, but it’s at 16.2% when not. I use the lower number because that’s what I see others using.

(h/t: The Big Picture, Econompic, Bruce Steinberg)

Business Underemployment Hits 15.6%