Seriously. I just don’t get it Mr. O’Reilly.

Let me see if I can follow this logic: You are alleging that Jeff Zucker of NBC News is part of a cabal of liberal meanies who are out to smear you (and other conservatives). ‘Far left bloggers’ are also part of this group of ne’er-do-wellers as well, and they, in turn, want to hurt the victims of rape crimes.

Do I have that right?

I complain about O’Reilly on occasion (read: often), and it’s usually for something trite or trivial that really is of no consequence to, well, anyone. Then I saw this clip from last night’s Factor, in which a producer tracks down a ‘far left blogger’ (while she is on vacation) and confronts her with a camera.

This is why I loathe O’Reilly and his Factor. It’s not his politics by which I am so repulsed — he seems to be a reasonable conservative (even if he won’t admit his conservative stance). It’s not his guests. It’s not even his smirky-smug face that I mind. No, it is the gotcha-style ‘journalism’ that he tries to pass off as legitimate. What kind of person sends a camera crew to ambush a political rival/enemy/someone who talks poorly about them?

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