The Iceman
From the AP via FirstRead, “New Mexico: Iceman For Governor?”

Val Kilmer is pondering running for governor of New Mexico in 2010, when Democrat Bill Richardson’s second term ends. ‘I’m just looking for ways to be contributive,’ Kilmer told The Associated Press on Thursday. ‘And if that ends up being where I can make a substantial contribution, then I’ll run.'” The decision, though, is ‘really day to day,’ he said over tea at a local restaurant.

How friggin’ cool would that be at a gubernatorial debate? I can see it now: Even though his opponent has him on the rhetorical ropes, Kilmer breaks out the Iceman’s swagger, leans into his podium and offers some snarky quip. Then looks straight into the lens of the television camera and does that jaw-snappy thing and clicks his teeth together. Twice.

Then suddenly, over the loudspeaker the audiences begins to hear the chorus of Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone

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