Since Gallup has been tracking these numbers in January, this is the highest support they’ve seen. In fact, as the next graph will show, as Dem support has actually decreased, independent has increased.

You couple this with recent polling and you get a bit of a mixed bag. Rasmussen recent poll revealed that opposition was higher than support, but CBS’ poll still showed more than half supported.

Do know that I favor Rasmussen above all else because they were almost dead on in the primaries and general election. However, they still have 20% of the sample in their poll who are undecided, so that could really swing either way.

But going back to the title, I think it’s significant that Independent support appears to be gaining. Maybe that’s because voters really do think that Obama is trying to work for a bipartisan solution instead of the “bipartisanship is dead” meme that the media is trying to feed them.

More as it develops…

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