We freed up close to a trillion dollars for banks who employ mostly white collar workers, but we were unwilling to free up $25 billion for the blue collar autoworkers.

Joe Scarborough and company discuss…

I do think it’s shameful that the unions have gotten lambasted in the past few weeks as anti-capitalist boogeymen, but CEOs have remained virtually untouched. Sure, a few executives have been raked over the coals, but nothing close to the anti-worker rhetoric that has been coming out of the Republican party.

It’s as if it’s a bad thing that manual laborers want to collectively bargain and make sure they’re taken care of if they get hurt or make sure they have access to healthcare upon retirement when their bodies are showing the wear and tear of decades on an assembly line.

Personally, I think our priorities are seriously out of whack in this country if we genuinely think it’s better to have private jets and millions of dollars in stock options than a good job paying a fair wage with access to good healthcare and pension benefits.

Cars Bailout Hypocrisy: Banks Vs. Automakers