“Wake up people. I mean what are you going to do? Are you going to kick these folks out of the party? I have watched this party self-disintegrate for the last four or five years. I’ve watched this party isolate itself from itself.”
– Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele losing the RNC’s chairman position

Yeah, I know he’s running for it, but I think he just lost it right there.


Because the GOP doesn’t want to be told that they need to move more to the left. They want to be told that Bush wasn’t a real Republican and that the new chairman will help elect candidates in the mold of Reagan.

Still, I admire the effort…

Steele […] insisted that Republicans have “a unique opportunity to build a relationship or a bridge between the conservatives and the moderates in our party.”

“We have to elect moderates in the party,” he added.

Steele said the GOP has to rebuild relationships with the various party factions in order to regain electoral viability and regain public trust in addressing policy concerns.

“There are a lot of people who would join us and be a party of our efforts who are pro-choice but they love our message on money; they love our value system on family values, broadly speaking, so then how do we cross-appeal,” he said. “How do we make ourselves relevant to the 21st century electorate which is clearly of a different mindset on a host of issues?”

Actually, I’ll have to disagree with Steele about moderates loving Republican’s family value system because I think those voters hold the exact opposite opinion.

Moderates currently see Republicans as the agents on intolerance who want to determine who you sleep with and what form your love can take, and that’s not going to fly any more. And the trend in this country is only toward more acceptance of “non-traditional” relationships, not less.

So until the GOP realizes that, they’ll be stuck in reverse trying to figure out why moderates and independents prefer the Democrats’ message.

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