The nation has been clamoring for a solution on this and Bush finally decided to address it in this hour of need when healthcare workers are being inhumanely forced to give their patients information about birth control and artificial insemination.

The horror!

But it doesn’t just stop there…as the LA Times reveals:

It also seeks to cover more employees. For example, in addition to a surgeon and a nurse in an operating room, the rule would extend to “an employee whose task it is to clean the instruments,” the draft rule said.

But wait…it gets better. Because while you may have guessed this already, Bush is making this rule to apply to institutions that get federal funding…

Health and Human Services Department officials said the rule would apply to “any entity” that receives federal funds. It estimated 584,000 entities could be covered, including 4,800 hospitals, 234,000 doctor’s offices and 58,000 pharmacies.

Here’s why this is troubling…

Last year, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology said a “patient’s well-being must be paramount” when a conflict arises over a medical professional’s beliefs.

In calling for limits on “conscientious refusals,” ACOG cited four recent examples. In Texas, a pharmacist rejected a rape victim’s prescription for emergency contraception. In Virginia, a 42-year-old mother of two became pregnant after being refused emergency contraception. In California, a physician refused to perform artificial insemination for a lesbian couple. (In August, the California Supreme Court ruled that this refusal amounted to illegal discrimination based on sexual orientation.) And in Nebraska, a 19-year-old with a life-threatening embolism was refused an early abortion at a religiously affiliated hospital.

Now, the reality is that once this is put into play (around December 20), the Obama administration will simply overturn it a month later. But what a pitiful move by Bush. He had all this time to do this and he waited until the very last minute so one of the first things Obama does is anger the religious right.

Way to be a uniter George.

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