Well, just when I think I understand Americans something like this comes around and smacks me in the face…

77% of U.S. voters say school children should say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at school, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Just 13% say they should not, and 9% are undecided.

Sorry, but aren’t we a nation overly concerned with personal freedoms and being free thinkers? Doesn’t it go against that very idea if we have our kids saying the same pledge to country and God day in and day out? It’s like jingoism training.

But wait, there’s more…

82% say the words “under God” should remain in the Pledge as well. 14% think the phrase should be dropped from the Pledge, and just 4% have no opinion.

Voters are closely divided over whether students should be able to opt out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. 44% say they should be allowed to do so, but 47% disagree. 9% are not sure.

That’s right…more people think it’s a good idea for non-religious kids to be forced to talk about “God” every single day they’re in school. And let’s remember folks…that word was not in the pledge until it was put there in the 50s.

Just when I think I know my country…

Well, at least Doug agrees with me.

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