Longtime reporter, editor, and media iconoclast Phil Bronstein now brings his thoughts from his blog, Bronstein at Large, to Donklephant. Bronstein began his career in San Francisco as a reporter with KQED-TV and the San Francisco Examiner. Specializing in investigative projects and foreign correspondence, he was a 1986 Pulitzer Prize finalist for his work in the Philippines, and covered conflicts in Southeast Asia, El Salvador, Peru, and the Middle East.

He was named executive editor of the Examiner in 1991, having previously served as managing editor for news. When the Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle merged in November, 2000, he was named senior vice president and executive editor of the paper, and became executive vice president and editor of the Chronicle in March 2003. In February, 2008, Phil was named executive vice president and Editor at Large of the Chronicle.

Writing about all aspects of politics and culture, and the media’s coverage of it, he’s looking forward to lively discussion with Donklephant readers.

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