Well, my home state definitely took its sweet damn time announcing this, but now it’s finally official that we picked Mac, which means we’ve picked the loser for only the 2nd time in the past 100 years.

Here’s more…

The narrow McCain Missouri victory, by just 3,902 votes out of 2,888,000 cast, means that Missouri sided with the presidential loser for just the second time in the last century.

Missouri also “got it wrong” in 1956, when it delivered a narrow 3,984-vote win to Democrat Adlai Stevenson over Republican incumbent President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The state had remained unclaimed this year as election officials awaited final results from four locales — the city and county of St. Louis, Jackson County near Kansas City and from rural Montgomery County. Those tallies arrived Wednesday at the Secretary of State’s office.

McCain gained 31 votes in the final returns, while Obama actually lost 235 votes. Election officials found that a figure for the Illinois senator had been improperly entered and corrected the error in the new totals, said spokesman Ryan Hobart.

One thing’s for sure…when we’re wrong we’re not wrong by much. Less than 8,000 in the past 100 years? Wow.

And sure, Obama could contest the results, but there’s no point to that.

So that means the final electoral tally is…

Obama: 365
McCain: 173

And scene.

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