So says political seer Nate Silver.

Apparently, he snapped up 43 net votes today to cut Coleman’s lead from 215 to 172. And in this first day of counting, right around 15% of the ballots have been counted, so Silver speculates that if this trend continues, Franken would gain 278 votes and beat Coleman by just 63 votes!

Obviously this doesn’t mean that Franken will win, but he has to be feeling good that he was able to diminish Coleman’s lead this much. But who knows what will tomorrow bring so if you’re cheering for either, you should probably wait until more than half of the recount is done until you start getting giddy.

By the way, can you imagine anybody winning by less than 70 votes?

And by the way, can you imagine a Senator Al Franken?

More as it develops…

Politics Franken Gains 43 Votes In First Day Of Recount