Yeah, yeah, I know it sucks, but this is politics and the speculation is bound to beginning immediately.

In any event, NBC and the Wall Street Journal did a poll and guess who topped their list?

That’s right: Mitt Romney.

I wrote yesterday about how he was already starting his bid during the campaign itself and it actually got picked up by Real Clear Politics.

Here’s more from First Read:

NBC-WSJ GOP pollster Neil Newhouse did a post-election survey last night, and here’s what he found: Just 12% of those surveyed believed Palin should be the GOP’s new leader; instead 29% of voters said Romney, followed by 20% who say Huckabee.

Among GOPers, it was Romney 33%, Huckabee 20% and Palin 18%.

I don’t think she’ll try it. Especially after the Georgetown cocktail crowd getd done destroying her folksy reputation.

No, best to hang back in Alaska for another 8 years and be the challenger in 2016.

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