From Ambinder…

76% of the country believes it’s off on the wrong track.

Bush’s approval rating is 27%

More than 60% say the economy is their top voting issue; 9 in ten say the economy is in bad shape; more than 80% are worried about their own condition next year.

Change voters made up 35% of the electorate; 30% wanted someone who shared their values.

One in ten voters are late-deciders..

And CNN tells us that of those who listed Iraq as a key issue, Obama’s leading two to one.

From TIME:

CNN: The top issue: economy 62%, Iraq 10%, terrorism 9%, health care 9%

AP: On economy: “About half said it’s poor and nearly as many said the economy is not good.”

Fox: 51% say the government should do more to solve problems, 12% say they will be excited if McCain wins, 30% say they will be scared if McCain wins.

Meanwhile, this is screaming across Drudge…

Grain of salt people…grain of salt…

Politics Exit Polling…First Batch