According to George Mason University, more than 29 million people have voted so far.

For some additional perspective, that’s more than 23% of the total voters in 2004.

Obviously, this points to a record breaking turnout in 2008.

But what about the battlegrounds? Is Obama up in the states that matter?

The answer across the board is a resounding YES, and Ambinder breaks it down…

In Florida, when the in-person and vote-by-mail totals are added together, Democrats have about a 325,000 vote lead heading into the election.

In Ohio, according to Democrats, they’ve banked a mid-six figure margin – and their “stretch” goal was only to achieve parity.

According to GOP data, in every battleground state with party registration and early voting — except for Florida and North Carolina — Obama is doing better among low-propensity Democrats and swing voters than McCain is among low-propensity Republicans and swing voters.

One note about that last part…even though McCain has been able to get more low-propensity voters to the polls in FL and NC, Obama still has significant leads in those states.

More as it develops…

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