There is no better place to be than Washington D.C. for the momentous occasion that is the 2008 Presidential Election. Get your friends together and head out to watch the live election returns, drink a star-spangled cocktail and scream at the TV at these top spots for election night parties:

1. Forget apple pie and baseball, there is nothing more American than partying at one of D.C.’s hottest clubs, Ultra Bar, located less than a mile away from the US Capitol. Get to the Election Party with TVs, DJs and non-partisan fun- as long as you believe in the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit to party!

2. The 1331 Bar and Lounge is having an Election Party with ten flat-screen TVs and special red, white and blue cocktails.

3. There is a sweet Election Party going down at Busboys and Poets starting at noon for the hard-core politicos, busboys, and poets. They promise to stay open until Obama is declared the winner.

4. Get fancy like Obama at the Election Night Party at the Ritz-Carlton: each time a state is called for McCain, red drinks are half-price, and every time a state is called for Obama, blue drinks are half-price. Good think I’m a big fan of Blue Hawaiians!

5. Everyone’s a winner with red and blue beer, 25-cent hot wings, and glow-in-the-dark necklaces at the Capital Lounge‘s Election Night Blowout Party.

6. Celebrate American politics at the infamous Mayflower Hotel with Election Night Viewing, free hors-d’oeuvres, McCain Mojitos and ObamaRamas.

7. The Obama Pride Election Night Party at Nellie’s Sports Bar will be celebrating with $12 beer buckets and free hors-d’oeuvres.

8. Live DJs, candy, prizes, and Daily Show coverage for the kid in you at The Bohemian Caverns‘s Election Night Party, complete with parade in the streets after Obama wins!

9. Get heavy with tons of staffers at the Hawk ‘N’ Dove where pundits and politicos almost outnumber tables; with 17 TVs you won’t have to miss a moment of coverage at this Election Results Party.

10. The Grand Old Party will be having a Election Night Victory Party at the Hilton by the airport- coincidence? Why do I hear crickets chirping?

***This blog post is non-partisan except for the fact that I really, REALLY want Obama to win.***


Community Election Night Parties in Washington D.C.