Yep, it’s Matthew Lesko, the guy who looks like the Riddler with a bad case of ADHD. If you’ve never seen one of his infomercial, he basically yells at people to buy his book that tells them how to get free stuff from the government.

John McCain would not be pleased.

In any event, he liked Obama’s spot, and here’s why…

“He was cutting taxes, not tomatoes,” said Lesko, known for his outlandish bow ties and suits embroidered with question marks.

Lesko said Obama hit many of the elements he usually includes in his late-night infomercials: testimonials from people, establishing his credibility and focusing on his product.

“The belief in the product is very important,” Lesko said. “Every salesman has to convey, ‘Hey, I believe in this stuff.’ It’s obvious that he does.”

Lesko said that while Obama’s ad lacked yelling, which makes potential customers immediately pick up the phones and order, it was deeper.

“He’s going deeper to get you inside, to have you ruminate on this idea,” Lesko said. “I have to hit you immediately to get you off the couch and on the phone.”

So there ya go. From an expert of the craft.

Personally, I haven’t heard any negative talk about it except for maybe the live shot at the end. I don’t think he needed it and neither did Nate Silver.

Moving on…

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