I literally took this screen capture two minutes ago.

First, to have North Carolina as solidly Republican is a fantasy. It’s certainly a toss up at this point, and is actually leaning a little towards Obama right now.

Second, O’Reilly still thinks Iowa, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania are in the toss up columns? I don’t know of any maps that have them as tossups.

Third, New Hampshire, Colorado, New Mexico and Virginia are definitely leaning towards Obama. So if you’re going to give North Carolina to McCain, you should give these to Obama.

The true toss ups right now are Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana. And Georgia is starting to trend towards the toss up column too, although I’d definitely say it’s leaning McCain right now.

Still, ya gotta loves Bill’s optimism!

From the comments comes a reasonable explanation for these weird numbers…

That page hasn’t been update since september according to the page source. (Ctrl+U in Firefox)

However, for O’Reilly to suggest that Oregon, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania were toss ups states at that time simply isn’t accurate either.

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