Yesterday, in the comments to a post about John McCain’s chances at victory, there was a debate about what does and does not qualify as a rout. To avoid further linguistic confusion, I’ve developed the following chart relating margin of victory to its appropriate description. This is probably the most insightful and important election post I’ve ever written. I hope you all take significant time to review. Thank you.

0.1% – 3%: A Squeaker*

3.1% – 5%: A Statement

5.1% – 7%: A Thumping

7.1% – 9%: A Drubbing

9.1% – 11%: A Whipping

11.1% – 13%: A Smackdown

13.1% — 15%: A Thrashing

15.1% – 17%: A Clobbering

17.1% and above: A Rout

* Please note, in the George W. Bush English Language Dictionary, “a squeaker” may also be referred to as “a mandate.”

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