Because if you have time to go to the Clinton Global Initiative (picture from this morning above)…why not a debate?

NEW YORK — The morning after he declared he would suspend his presidential campaigning and return to Washington to deal with the U.S. economic crisis, Sen. John McCain made one last campaign stop, speaking at a conference on global issues organized by former president Bill Clinton.

Addressing his dramatic call for a pause in the intense presidential campaign, McCain said he intends to “join” the debate in Washington over how to address the meltdown in the country’s financial institutions.

I’m sorry, but if this situation is so dire, why isn’t he in Washington?

Also, Sarah Palin will be holding a rally in Philly today.


PHILADELPHIA — Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin will bring her campaign to Philadelphia Thursday.

She’s expected to hold a rally Thursday afternoon near the Philadelphia International Airport.

So what exactly does “suspended” mean?

Seriously, I’d like to know how McCain is defining it, because if it simply means skipping the debate, his campaign has made yet another huge strategic mistake.

And frankly, they would have done well to pull Palin off the road after that interview with Couric. Yikes.

Sorry folks, but this “suspension” seems like anything but.

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