I returned to Seattle Sunday night around 8PM from three days of camping, dancing, partying in tents and jamming out to sick electronic music like next week was Armageddon, going on about three hours of sleep with a car and a face full of sand, sunburned shoulders, river hair, a pack full of wet clothes and muddy shoes. There was only one thing I was up for-

Sunset Seattle: the Decibel Festival prefunk by Innerflight at Golden Gardens, of course!

Why? Because Innerflight can party, and I KNOW THIS.

So I raced out to my favorite Seattle park just in time for the beginning of Novatron’s set as well as for the onslaught of pouring rain, which in fact seemed to be having precious little effect on the dancing crowd who had obviously been living it up all day long. Nova was laying it down fat and bassy like the people like it and having quite a bit of fun himself, and dancers were straight getting down in the downpour, rocking it hard right out in front of the sound master. Dancing in the rain on a beach to Novatron was the perfect cap to an excellent weekend, especially as the experience included recognizing friend after friend in the darkness next to me smiling, grooving, shaking the wet right from them and reveling in the warm cozy feeling that is the Seattle electronic music community.

And we are a community, which today is no longer defined by tradition or geography or family but by interest- and we love the beats, baby. Whether you are a househead, a techno freak, a drum and bass fanatic, a wonky dubstep lover, a breaks ninja, electro warrior, a spirit dancer or just a total bass slut like me, we all share a great passion for electronic music and the community created around it, and we should not take it for granted. We understand how very important creative expression is to human beings. Dancing is my religion, and it is all the promoters, DJs, dancers, producers, party-throwers and guys who haul heavy-ass speakers that enable me to indulge in the most important thing in life, having fun. Thank you.

And you can thank them by showing up at the Decibel Festival, not only for the big names like Deadmau5 and Carl Craig but for all the locals involved in the festival as well. Go to the free DJ lounges going on each night at Grey Gallery, indulge in a little more of the freaky beat goodness that is Novatron at the Sensory Effect Showcase, and check out all the other local performances including the Innerflight Showcase taking place Sunday night at Sole Repair. Get a pass so you can hop around the whole weekend to all the venues and not miss anything, and let’s show ’em how we roll in the 206. And tell the musicians who make your life better just that; your words feed their souls and you know those starving artists need a burger now and then.

If Innerflight’s prefunk was any indication of what will ensue at Decibel, get ready and load up on the morning-after Emergen-C, because all those freaks were going wild in the rain, and I was proud to be one of them.

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See you on the dance floor.

Community The 206 is PREFUNKED and ready for Decibel Festival 2008!