Who is Anberlin? All I can tell you is that Anberlin is a rock band with pop influences. This band from Winter Haven Florida is fueled with big drums by Nathan Young and leading vocals by Stephen Christian. I mean, a guy with a good voice that’s not afraid to get loud and make his point is hard to find these days. He’s got a lot of attitude. I dig it.

A well produced CD called New Surrender which is scheduled for release September 30th is the purpose for their latest tour, which starts tomorrow (9.13.08) in Boston and finishes in Glasgow Scotland (11.25.08).

New Surrender

New surrender is dominated by the guitar players…did I mention the big drums too? Okay, because there’s this drummer who doesn’t lack for adrenaline. Deon Rexroat (bass), Joseph Milligan (lead guitar) and Christian McAlhaney (rhythm guitar) round out the lineup. Together, they have created a a sound filled with whaling choruses and syncopated verses. The big question for me is, what does Anberlin sound like live? I looked them up on YouTube and found this video called “Paper This Hymn.” In it contained images of a girl in a hospital bed, a boy who appears to be in love with her and Anberlin tearing up an operating room in true WTFF! Unfortunately the video isn’t available for posting but here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2exE-td4F3k

What I know about Anberlin:

They’ve been together for over six years.
They’ve labored over four full-length CDs and an EP.
They are not down with typical genre limitations (that’s cool).
Their album Cities debuted in the Billboard Top 20 and sold 34,000 copies in the first week of release.
They’ve sold over 400,000 CDs.
Then they took everything they ever learned and turned it on it’s head and released New Surrender. I’m listing to it now and am digging the distortion, the screaming and the big drums!

One fan writes:

anybody know if/when a bonus tracks edition is going to be released?

i’m still preordering it, but would hate to have to buy the whole album again just for 3 more bonus tracks that itunes wont let you download individually

Hey, that’s a lot more love from a fan than I’ve ever received. Um, how did this topic get to be about ME anyway…well, anyway! Their fans already know way more about them then I ever will. It’s the new listener that I’m interested in speaking to. What do you think Anberlin? I’m just curious. I’ll get my chance when they perform live in Seattle at our ledendary El Corazon. Details here: http://culturemob.com/events/158677

Worth checking out.

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