Candian pop supersongstress Celine Dion is the top-selling female vocalists in the universe. The epic sound structure of her voice combined with a dazzling personality create a story for her fans, a tale played out in giant concert halls all over the world. Celine Dion‘s tickets always sell out just as her lyrics speak to the very heart of human consciousness. Who can ever forget (or get out of their head) the strands of musical genius made famous by that big boat story: “Near, far, wherever you are/I believe that the heart does go on”. Makes you want to throw a multi-million dollar diamond into the depths of the ocean, right?

La Chanteuse has begun an expansive tour and the former “retiree” will be slinging her diamond-voice at a number of giant venues including the Seattle-area Tacoma Dome, where she will perform in the same space as such illustrious acts as New Kids on the Block and the awe-inspiring Monster Truck Races. Catch the live music event and share an unforgettable evening with Celine Dion. 

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