As usual, the Portland venue you love to hate has a great lineup this fall; yeah you may have to go through metal detectors and a pat-down to get to your seat (rows of seats in a live music venue…WHAT?) but the names they book at the Roseland Theater makes it worth it. Here is just a sampling of their upcoming performances; check the rest of their fall lineup out here.

September 12: Bad Religion proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

September 13: Michael Franti and Spearhead straight funk it out 70’s style.

September 16: The Raconteurs console the lonely.

October 5: Dandy Warhols visit from their home of Planet Bizarro.

October 8: Gogol Bordello freaks out on gypsy punk.

Read all about the historic Roseland Theater and see the complete autumn events calendar right here.

Community Roseland Theater Hosts Stellar Fall Lineup