Someday near the end of the world the white-hairs will speak with stars in their eyes the legend of a dance party that took place on a simple Saturday afternoon at Volunteer Park in the heart of Seattle. The storytellers will drool and twitch just a bit as they describe the funky dance mania, the spontaneous combustion that erupted one pleasant day as a thousand dancing freaks jumped and spun and yelled and disrobed and had the dirtiest, filthiest fun of their lives with performers who were creating not only for the dance floor but also with it, for the magic moment of Now and the community who lives for it. They will speak of the inaugural live music showcase in the great outdoors of the city; they will speak of Decibel in the Park.

Currently the Glitch Mob is straight conquering the known and unknown world with their celebration of distorted, sample-heavy, bass-ridden sounds and bizarre noises from other planets cut in with intelligent hip hop lyrics, unexpected beat switches, and the distinct flavor of music history in the making. A fun ferocity and love of the outdoor aesthetic unites the artists performing at Decibel in the Park and the crowd will concur ecstatically with no choice but to worship at the altar of dance. With fellow bass fanatics and bold risk-takers Noisemaker, Michael Manahan, Jacob London and local crunk-band sensation Truckasauras, the lineup for Decibel in the Park is so sick, it’s practically dying. The obese bass beats will no doubt crazy-make the crowd into a scene of wild, unabashed debauchery; it doesn’t matter if you come in stilts or khakis because your mind will be blown. You WILL dance like you have five-thousand fevers, you will foam at the mouth and will crawl out of there soaking wet with your brain coming out of your ears. Join the freaks and immerse yourself in the future of electronic music and filthify your life – because one day, they’ll tell stories.


Community GLITCH MOB for FREE @ Decibel Festival 2008