Well, the Republican Veepstakes just took another interesting turn, as whispers that not only has Rove asked Lieberman not to run, but he has also been asked to provide more information to the McCain camp.

From Politico:

AP’s Liz Sidoti reported: “Inside GOP circles Thursday, speculation swirled around Lieberman. It was fueled by reports that McCain’s advisers had asked for additional detailed information from him, by McCain’s close friendship with the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, and by word that Republican operatives had been told to prepare for the possibility of an ‘unconventional’ choice.”

This would definitely be a “maverick” move, but considering that Lieberman doesn’t agree with McCain on nearly every single issue except how we execute our foreign policy, a split ticket would be a conundrum for the Republican base. Would they be okay with Joe’s pro-choice stances? And given the concerns about McCain’s age, would Republicans really be okay with handing the keys over to a politician who, for all intents and purposes, is a Democrat?

Also, let’s not forget how ineffectual Lieberman was for Gore as a Veep pick. We’ve all seen this guy in action, and he’s simply not an impressive, motivating figure.

For all these reasons and many I haven’t delved into, I’m still predicting that Romney is the guy…with Pawlenty as a potential second choice.

What do you think?

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