Are you ready for some hardcore political messaging?

Today starts the Democratic National Convention. Next week we have the Republicans doing their own multi-million dollar marketing dance. In the interim, news media and bloggers alike will be hard-pressed to dig out real news rather than just mimicking the parties’ talking points.

So, as someone who would like to write about more than how neat Barack Obama’s life story is or how moving John McCain’s courage while in captivity is, here’s some events I’d like to see happen in the next two weeks – just to spice things up.

* Raucous Hillary Clinton supporters. A few unscripted moments of Hillary love is just what the Democratic convention needs to remind us of the dysfunction that makes this party so loveable.

* At least one good eye roll from Bill Clinton while an Obama supporter is speaking. I’d later like to see him state, with a straight face, that he just had some dirt in his contacts.

* A Joe Biden speech that references at least 25 other people’s speeches – just to keep rightwing bloggers busy making sure he provided appropriate attributes.

* Ron Paul supporters making a scene at the Republican National Convention. Seriously, Paul’s supporters are some of the most unintentionally comical activists out there. Surely they could do something fun like plaster rEvolution stickers on the bald heads of all the old, white male delegates.

* John McCain choose a pro-choice running mate. Just to see James Dobson, et. al., heads explode on national television.

* A George Bush extemporaneous speech. Really, we are running out of time for funny Bushisms. I’d love to hear how couragificating McCain’s life has been. Or maybe some joke that starts “you know what’s funny about skin cancer ….”

Politics Hoping for Some Unscripted Convention Moments