What is better than heady electronic music, a dance floor full of freaks, and live art being created on hot chicks? Not a lot- add some alcohol and I think you have a party on your hands!

Last night’s Get Tha Funk Out at the Crimson C was a spectacular and swirling mix of the Seattle underground’s finest; with live art created by Grym and head party pimpstress Lynzie. Go-go dancers were the canvasses; they stopped shaking it just long enough to get radioactive elephants, tripping musical notes, and random abstractions painted on their chests, arms, stomachs, legs, and faces.

Photographers Matt Matsuda and Ev were bouncing around taking mad pics, and besides the live body painting going on there was also several artists’ work being exhibited including works by the amazing Burgandy as well as the photography of Matsuda.

DJ sets by A.J. Spider Sorbello, Roman, Noisemaker and PrEssHa kept the night bumpin’ until two in the morning with what was certainly the best music going on in Seattle.

On to the pictures:

It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

You know you want to see more photos-

There are more from Cedric here, and check out Matt Matsuda’s clever pics here.

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