Minneapolis Band Skirt recently released their CD titled “Heartbeat. A Flameout.” It’s worth checking out!

They take a melodic, crunchy approach to their songs which is a nice touch. Their cool ass drummer Michelle Roche brings a ton of subtle rhythms in the mix. Linnea Mohn’s keyboards, Katie Marchall’s guitar and Scott Hefte’s bass manipulates their dynamics like heart surgeons. Throughout the recording, I was thinking to myself…

self, I think this band should headline a summer music festival.

It’s the kind of music you and your friends would go to see and never forget. A straight up bonding experience.

On this CD, Skirt is not afraid to get complex either. Great shouting throughout and did I get a hint of anthem music? I think so. A track, worthy of much praise is “The Critic” (track 9). It reminded me of a cool rock n roll musical. The kind of musical that even musical haters would go to on opening night. Yeah, I’d be that guy, hanging out and waiting at the end of the night to get an autograph. Track 2 is also a favorite of mine. It’s called “Saint Vigilante”. I can tell you all think I’m trippin. You know what, I don’t care. When I like a band I got to shout out! That’s how I roll baby!

Skirt is kicking off their West Coast tour next week. It’s a nine date tour. They start July 29th in Minneapolis. Then they go to Lincoln NE, Denver CO, Boseman MT, Salt Lake City UT, Portland OR and passing through my city Seattle Aug 5. at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater. The last two dates in August 6th and August 8th at Whitefish MT.


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