Could this be a sign that our policy of engaging in carrot and stick diplomacy actually worked?

From the Washington Note:

Tonight, The Washington Note confirmed that the Bush administration will “ask Congress” to de-list North Korea from America’s “terrorist watch list.” This request will be made on Thursday — if there are no last minute, unexpected interventions. […]

During the day today, I spoke with officials from the State Department, the CIA, the Department of Defense, President Bush’s staff, and the Office of the Vice President — and several sources from these departments confirmed that the administration was moving forward on formally asking Congress to remove North Korea from the controversial watch list — which is seen as a key confidence building step by North Korea and China in moving towards North Korea’s eventual return to the nuclear non-proliferation club.

Frankly, I’m stunned that they’d actually do this because, while all situations are different, it still puts Bush’s policy toward Iran under even further scrutiny. True, North Korea isn’t run by Islamic fundamentalists, but they’ve done plenty of sabre rattling in their day, and yet we were able to come to an agreement with them by doing this thing called…talking.

So if this is true, give another gold star to the more diplomatically minded folk within the administration, and give yet another demerit to the neo-cons. Yes, I’m talking to you John Bolton.

More as it develops…

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