– 47%
– 39%

Last month it was 50% to 41%, so Obama has a net -1 loss this month, but this is still significant enough to make his campaign confident that New Mexico could turn blue again.

The demo details…

As in most states, Obama polls better among women in New Mexico than men. He has an eleven-point lead among women, and just a seven-point lead among men. Those numbers have shown little change since last month.

Obama’s support comes from 72% of Democrats in New Mexico and 15% of Republicans. McCain is backed by 76% of Republicans and 18% of Democrats. When it comes to unaffiliated voters, Obama has a 41% to 34% advantage. The results in that demographic are nearly identical to last month’s numbers.

Again, women make the difference…as they will this fall.

Politics Rasmussen: Obama Leads In New Mexico By 8