Obama – 50%
McCain – 44%

Obama picks up 1 today and maintains a pretty consistent lead for the past 5 days, as well as hovering right around 50%.

The 5 day:
06/12/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 50%
06/11/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 49%
06/10/2008: McCain – 43%, Obama – 50%
06/09/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 50%
06/08/2008: McCain – 43%, Obama – 50%

The demographic details…

Obama currently leads by eleven points among women but trails by a single point among men (including leaners). Thirty-nine percent (39%) of women say they are certain they will vote for Obama in November. Another 10% say they would vote for him today but could change their mind, and 3% are leaning towards voting for Obama. For McCain those numbers are 30% certain, 8% who could change their mind, and 3% leaning towards voting for him.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of men are certain they will vote for McCain while 34% say the same about Obama.

Obama is now viewed favorably by 56% of voters nationwide and unfavorably by 42%. The numbers for McCain are 54% favorable and 44% unfavorable. Among women, Obama is viewed favorably by 57%, McCain by 52%. Among men, McCain earns positive reviews from 56%, Obama from 54%.

What’s clear is McCain has a bunch of ground to make up with regards to women. Gallup showed something similar yesterday, with women starting to coalesce around Obama. And since they make up more of the electorate, all Obama would have to do is keep the male vote close if he’s winning the female vote by double digits.

More tomorrow…

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