It’s clean, it’s safe, but it’s incredibly expensive and it creates a bunch of really dangerous waste that nobody wants.

I wonder if these respondents knew the whole story?

Personally, I’m hesitant about nuclear power, but I won’t dismiss it outright. Because as Alan has pointed out recently, wind and solar power just won’t do the trick, and if we’re serious about climate change, it’s going to require some compromises…one of those being building “32 new nuclear power plants a year for the next four decades.” Now, that’s a worldwide number, but since we’re the #1 consumer of energy in the world, a lot of those plants will be in our back yards.

But hey, we’re going to have to face some tough choices in the not-too-distant future, and every option should be on the table. That is unless some amazing technological breakthroughs start happening.

A guy can dream, can’t he?

Science/Environment Zogby: 67% Support Investment In Nuclear Energy