Sometimes the best way to get an inkling of who someone will pick for Veep is to keep an eye on who they’re spending time with. Lately he’s been testing the waters with Bobby Jindal… but he’s shown that he’s not afraid to pull some stops, as he sends a scouting committee to meet with Sarah Palin!

“The governor has been able to reach across the aisle and get things done for the people of Louisiana, help the folks in New Orleans in the recovering from the storm,” Sen. McCain said of Gov. Jindal, during a news conference. “That would be something that I could show the American people as a way that people from both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat, can sit down and work together.”

McCain had a town hall meeting in Baton Rouge Louisiana on Wednesday, where Republicans were all fired up over the possibility of Bobby Jindal for VEEP. Buddy Roemer casually mentioned “McCain’s VP may even be in this room,” and after a series of intense applause, McCain said “I’ve gotta take this guy everywhere I go!” Appealing to business hawks, fiscal conservatives and moderates alike, Jindal (who has been touted as “a Republican Obama”) could have the winning formula.

I was wondering what had happened to the only person actually campaigning for the Vice Presidency: Sarah Palin. There was an early clamor but it seemed to have died down in recent weeks. She has a great PR team working for her and certainly holds equally fantastic credentials, although the mainstream newspapers haven’t given her the boost she needs to become a household name.

There’s no indication that she has a relationship with McCain as a close friend or constituent, but with a 90% approval rating in her home state of Alaska and a strong backing from Conservatives For Change, one can only hope he’ll get to know her a little better.

A tipster sent word this week that McCain’s VP guy Arthur Culvahouse was spotted in Juneau, Alaska to meet with Palin. Even though she wasn’t officially invited to the Memorial Day BBQ, it seems that Senator McCain isn’t afraid of pulling a few stops.




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