Well how about that!

I wrote about just this topic a couple days ago when I noticed Sebelius gave an interview and the backdrop behind her was San Francisco. “What could she be doing there?” I asked myself.

Now former presidential candidate Wes Clark, a very strong Hillary supporter, is making some strong suggestions…

Wes Clark stopped out in Texas yesterday to drop by a fundraiser Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius headlined for Michael Skelly, a Democrat running for congress in Texas.

Clark introduced Sebelius and, according to a regular correspondent and reliable source who was there, said: “The London odds-makers say that Kathleen Sebelius is the odds-on favorite to be the next vice president. I can tell you, she’d make a great vice presidential choice.”

He then introduced her as “The next vice president of the United States….”

Again, this is all speculation, but Sebelius would be able to say to all of those women angry that even though Hillary didn’t get the nod, “It’s still our turn too.” And after Bill’s tirade yesterday, one can’t help but think many Hillary supporters will understand why Obama isn’t too keen on not putting Hillary on the ticket.

More as it develops…

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