Here’s what he said…

“And the party will have to decide whether they believe the caucuses — where you get about one delegate for 2000 votes — are more important than the primaries where you get one for 12,000.”

What to make of this?

Well, as soon as they started losing caucus state after caucus state, those contests all of a sudden became unimportant. And remember the nonsensical “red state don’t matter as much” argument?

Of course when they won the Nevada caucuses after New Hampshire, well, that was a HUGE deal and very significant, but when it was clear that they hadn’t planned for after Super Tuesday and were woefully outflanked by the Obama campaign, they came up with a new narrative…and we’re seeing its last gasp come from the mouth of a former President.

But it’s par for course with the Clintons in this campaign. They tried to change the rules at every turn because they want to make sure that control of this party doesn’t slip out of their grasp. And yet the opposite has happened, because they’ve lost so much credibility in the eyes of African American community and many younger voters that it’s almost a certainty they’ll be marginalized as a result.

How very sad…

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