As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about McCain’s seemingly paper thin plan to help the environment, Obama’s plan would provide immediate funds to help create the technology that will help big polluters get cleaner and ultimately buy fewer emission credits.

Here’s more from MSNBC:

Here in [Michigan], he unveiled his proposals for reviving American manufacturing. The plan includes a $150 billion fund to promote and develop clean energy technology over 10 years — which he says will create up to 5 million green jobs — a $60 billion infrastructure fund and a $1 billion-a-year start-up fund for small and mid-size manufacturers to convert to clean technology. He would pay for this agenda through a cap-and-trade system that would auction permits for carbon dioxide emissions, a spokesman said.

I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re on the verge of a Green Revolution and this idea asks the heaviest polluters to fund it. McCain’s doesn’t because he’d give away the credits instead of auctioning them off. So there’d be no immediate funds to jump start a green tech manufacturing boom.

Here’s what McCain’s people had to say in response…

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds responded to Obama’s speech in Warren, saying “It’s weak leadership and poor judgment for Barack Obama to make empty promises of billions upon billions in new spending on more government programs when he has no way to pay for it. Sen. Obama launched a partisan-style attack questioning John McCain’s straight talk, without providing any evidence of his own leadership or experience on the issues that are hurting Michigan and states like it. John McCain believes that we can grow our economy and help workers by lowering taxes, ending wasteful spending, reducing health care costs, reforming our unemployment system and promoting energy independence.”

Well, except Obama did explain how he’d pay for it…by selling the credits that McCain would give away for free. All in all, this was a pretty weak response to a fairly solid policy proposal.

More as it develops…

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