That’s the question circling around the left-o-sphere.

It started because Arianna Huffington said she was at a dinner with the McCains after the 2000 election and they had some unkind things to say about Bush, including that they didn’t vote for him.

Then a couple more Democrats who were at the dinner backed up Huffington’s accusation and then another said McCain told him that Bush was “as dumb as a stump.”

So maybe McCain did and maybe he didn’t, but does anybody think he could actually say that he didn’t and still win his party’s nomination? And of course he’s going to say he voted for Bush. What else can he say?

But here’s the most important thing: there’s absolutely no way to know.

And that’s the thing that makes Huffington’s accusation so craven. She knows she can throw anything “that she heard at a party” out there and hang it over his head. And because there’s no real record of it, and a couple Dem loyalists will back her up that, has the effect of making it seem like it’s true.

One thing’s for sure…I bet it’s good for traffic.

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