Yet another story that proves Pennsylvania meant a lot to the media, but little to the math.

Charlie Cook breaks it down…

Almost half of the delegate advantage she netted against Obama in Pennsylvania was offset by losses of superdelegates the same week. Colby College political scientist and delegate selection expert Anthony Corrado estimates that Clinton would need to win about 69 percent of the remaining delegates, a virtual impossibility given proportional representation of the nominating contests.

In recent months, Clinton has been losing up to three superdelegates for every one she has picked up.

I’ve been posting more about the superdelegates recently since they’re most likely going to be a metric people follow much more closely as there are fewer and fewer left. Obama has been matching Clinton’s post-PA pickups, and will probably start getting back into a 2-1 or 3-1 rhythm once he wins another contest or two.

More as it develops…

Politics She Needs 69% Of Remaining Pledged Delegates