And that means another superdelegate for Obama.

From NY Times:

Sen. Barack Obama officially pulled ahead today in the scramble for endorsements from colleagues in the U.S. Senate, thanks to Sen. Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico.

Never one of the Senate’s most high-profile members, Bingaman now has a claim to political fame: He put Obama over the top after his long slog to catch Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had a head start in winning the support of her peers. Obama now has 14 endorsements to Clinton’s 13.

I’ll admit, I’d never heard of this guy before today.

In any event, it looks like Obama and Clinton keep matching superdelegate announcements, and that’s not good news for her. Why? Well, she needs to be beating him by at least 3-1 in these announcements in order to make up that big pledged delegate deficit. Like it or not, the math is simply against her, and she’s going to need to win this thing via a large swing of superdelegates.

Politics Obama Gets Endorsement Of Senator Jeff Bingaman