A massive win in the Tar Heel State would certainly be bad news for Hill and company because they need to keep every single contest close from here on out to come anywhere close to catching Obama. Still, it looks like Barack is poised for yet another one of his red state romps.

He currently leads 57/32, and as Public Policy Polling notes…

[…] this is the fifth consecutive PPP poll that has shown Obama with a lead over 18 points in North Carolina. His success is pretty much across the board- a 17 point lead with women, a 36 point advantage with men, large leads across every age group, and in most regions of the state.

Obama is doing particularly well in the areas where he had successful events and a ton of media coverage last week- a 36 point lead in the Triangle and a 31 point margin in eastern North Carolina.

However, if Hill can’t pull off a significant win today in PA, it may not matter.

More as it develops…

Politics Poll: Obama Crushing Hillary In North Carolina