In April we celebrate poems of all kinds

From limericks to haikus to rapping to rhymes

All humans are poets, they just do not know it

Get out and support the ones who will show it

Start at the SAM for the teen Art’Attack

With deejays and workshops the evening is stacked (11 April)

For more from the youth head to Elliott Bay

Kids from Nova Poetry Project give you their say (13 April)

Not just this month, but every week

Fremont’s Tost holds a Slam that’s not for the meek (16, 23, 30 April)

At the University Bookstore come and celebrate

The esteemed local poet William Dunlop, the late (16 April)

Eastsiders get to SoulFood for a stimulating night

Professionals read first, then it’s your open mic! (17 April)

Persian poems by Rumi will be set to song

At Seattle Town Hall, by the H.O. Ensem…..ble (19 April)

Richard Hugo House has a night with some sass

Cheap wine and poetry, only one buck per glass! (24 April)

Got skin that is thick? Ms. McKibbens will host

Chop Suey‘s slam night (it’s more like a roast) (27 April)

But my favorite place for Seattle poetry

Would be at Green Lake, sitting under a tree.

Don’t let April’s showers turn you away,

It’s National Poetry Month, so go out and play!

Community Celebrate National Poetry Month in Seattle (A Poem)