Optimism was in the air at the Voyager One CD release party at Neumo’s last night (April 5th). Was it the fact that MTV was filming Head Like A Kite (cool band that played before Voyager One)? Could have been, but my guess is the entire bill was loaded with talent. I didn’t see The Kindest Kind but I was told by the bartender that they were great. Thinking I was lied to, I promptly went to their MySpace page and went crazy over their song Street Song by their 2007 CD A Novel. The Upsidedown played after that, followed by Head Like A Kite.
NOTE: This 19 second video clip is loud and choppy so turn your volume down.
Voyager One short clip.

Finally in their optimistic splendor, Voyager One played a great set and even played some new songs. Oh, and no cops showed up to turn the volume down this time.

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