That’s not an exact quote, but it may as well be. Most who’ve been following this race will agree that if she doesn’t take Oregon or North Carolina, she’ll have little chance of winning the popular vote and it’ll then be impossible to persuade the superdelegates to jump off the Obama bandwagon. And since Oregon seems like a lock for Barack, that leaves the Tar Heel State.

From Charlotte Observer…

Like it did in Texas and Ohio, the Clinton campaign for president has drawn a line in the sand, down the middle of the Tar Heel state.

Bill Clinton said Friday in Charlotte that his wife’s presidential bid hinges in many ways on whether the New York senator wins North Carolina’s Democratic primary.

Speaking to about 4,000 at a rally at UNC Charlotte, the former president said Hillary Clinton would likely have to win the state’s May 6 primary to have any chance at winning the overall popular vote and ultimately overtaking Sen. Barack Obama as the party’s nominee.

One can’t help but wonder if Hill and company have a big endorsement announcement up their sleeves if Bill is drawing a line in the sand like this.

Meanwhile, recent polls from North Carolina has Obama leading by 18 and 15 points. Certainly not insurmountable, but it’s still a steep climb

Politics Bill: If Hill Doesn’t Win N.C., It’s Over