Tonight, local music maker Levi Fuller Hosts Softly Now at McLeod Residence
Levi Fuller
Recently, I met with Levi at the Cyclops. He mentioned that he wanted to see more support for acoustic or quiet music. Since nobody was stepping up to make that magical mystical moment a reality, Levi did what he always does; he did it himself! Levi is extremely talented and I really dig his songs on his myspace page (check out God Is Just Like Santa).

Tonights show will feature Moe Provencher TroubleShooting and Levi Fuller.

Now, the first Wednesday of every month, Levi will host “Softly Now” an evening of quiet music (an event listed here at This event takes place at McLeod Residence, which is now open to the public. It’s going to be a great time. The fun starts tonight at 8pm (FREE SHOW)

I spotted a great blog about Softly Now (in Levi’s own words) from‘s Imaginary Dana.

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Community Levi Fuller Hosts Softly Now at McLeod Residence