What are you doing this frisky Tuesday night? Why not come out and make a difference in the future of the world at the Beats for Obama Benefit in Fremont at Nectar Lounge?

Beats for Obama is no boring yada-yada schmoozefest fundraiser; this is a get-downathon featuring local deejays spinning their favorite breaks, dubstep, drum and bass, and hip-hop. Join DigDug, Slantooth, Futuredub (Shapeshifter and Contents), and Vendetta Kane as they spin the night away: fun with a purpose! Spoken word talent Verbal Oasis will be in the house as well and prizes to be auctioned off include two lift tickets to WhistlerBlackcomb, Barackawear hoodies, teeshirts, and lots of other goodies. This benefit is just in time to throw some support to the Obama campaign before the Pennsylvania primary on April 22; Pennsylvania has more delegates at stake than any other upcoming primary or caucus and thus is extremely important in securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

So why beats for Obama, as opposed to jazz or easy-listening or guitar riffs? I asked benefit organizer Karen Johanson who replied that the music selection tonight reflects the fact that Obama is fast becoming the delegate of the youth of America, if he isn’t already.

Obama has proven his capacity to unite divergent personalities and communities and to mobilize America’s youth to become involved in the political process in a way I have not seen with others,” Karen says, and I agree. Race and gender seem to be the big talking points in the country concerning the two major Democratic presidential hopefuls; however age is just as important of an issue (to all of us youngsters, anyway). Obama, like dubstep and that damn boom-boom music, simply connects with youth in America better than his competition. To me, Clinton is old news and represents another generation, a group of people who are out of the loop, whose interests revolve around Social Security and medical benefits. My friends are more concerned with saving our environment, creating a peaceful world, and getting a job that pays the bills (ah, the ideology of youth!). I am a young white female and I feel that Obama is better suited to understand and address the issues that affect me and the youth culture today- and we just happen to be the future of this country and the world, you know.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. The Beats for Obama Benefit represents the connection with young people that the Obama campaign is fostering and running with; if you agree with me then put your money where your ideology is and come out to Fremont tonight. Doors at Nectar open at 8PM; suggested donation is $7 although bigger donations are certainly welcome. Come for a night of sick bass beats, undulating dubstep and fat raps; leave with the knowledge that you made a difference, however small, in the future of our America- and you did it by having fun.

Community Beats for Obama Benefit Tonight at Nectar