Yes, finally it’s Springtime in Seattle! Yeah, the colors, the birds, the daffodils, the SNOW!!!

Okay, that video above was from New York in February of 2006 but it did snow here in Seattle today!

All aboard the Springtime Express! You don’t need a ticket, you just need a thick winter coat, a dorky yet warm hat, a pair of gloves and some ear warmers. Then repeat after me: “it’s not cold outside! it’s not cold outside! it’s not cold outside!”
I just shot this video of the important things you’ll need this spring!

Springtime my…eye!

On a more serious note, there are a lot of fun event to check out while waiting for spring to appear. Next Thursday starting at 10am you can take a trip to the Nordic Heritage Museum for example. Make no mistake, it’s a springtime celebration. Children can make fun springtime crafts from the Nordic countries. So go have some fun out there!

Find more warm events this spring at

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