This latest development does indeed point to a stupid curiousness instead of some other motive. Still, there needs to be an investigation.

From ABC:

An embarrassed State Department admitted today that the passport files of all three presidential candidates — Sens. John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — have been breached by its employees.

The bombshell announcement came within hours of the admission that Obama’s personal file was improperly accessed several times earlier this year and no one was notified of the breach.

In a rapid series of escalating admissions, State Department Secretary Condoleezza Rice called Obama to apologize. She then had to call Clinton to apologize as well. And by noon, the department held a news conference to concede that McCain’s personal file had also been improperly accessed.

Aside from Katrina, I think this represents the most apologies we’ve seen from the Bush administration in over 7 years.

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