If you’ve found much to dislike in Barack Obama’s association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Donklephant hasn’t said a lot with which you’re likely to agree. Justin Gardner has defended and praised Obama. I’ve more-or-less given Obama a pass as I’ve tried to grasp the complexities of this matter and not politicize religion.

However, I think there are good political reasons to be concerned about Obama’s membership in Wright’s church. I don’t think the matter should be a central theme in opposing Obama but I do think the situation needs a critical eye. The best, most reasoned criticism I’ve read comes from The Iconic Midwest.

The post is here and I encourage you to read it. It’s not a piece I can excerpt but must be read in its whole.

If Rev. Wright were not a man of the cloth but a political mentor, I’d likely be as critical as anyone of Obama’s association. As it is, I find myself held back by a sense of Christian mercy and a long-standing desire to stop using religion as a political weapon. But that doesn’t mean I think the matter is unimportant or easily dismissed. I don’t necessarily agree with the post I link to but I do agree it needs to be said.

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