THURSDAY: Fans of Louisiana back-porch foot stompin’ music will enjoy the entertaining Captain Leroy and the Zydeco Locals who will be beating rubboards and wheezing accordians like no one’s business at The Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Prefer beats to bass guitars? The Freestylers have come all the way from the UK to kill us with their breaks at Trinity‘s Free Bass Night which is actually free. Free Freestylers? Trnity will be going OFF. For those with more eclectic taste, don’t miss the Japan Nite US Tour 2008 at the High Dive in Fremont with five bands from Japan: Petty Booka, The Emeralds, Detroit7, The Beaches, and Scandal! With these awesome Thursday night shows, you have no excuse to be bright and perky at work on Friday morning.

FRIDAY: The Daddy of Dubstep, Mad Professor lays down the whompy shaky bass-thick reggae-inspired dubstep at Nectar in Fremont for you bassheads out there; for some cheap ($3 cover) and easy hip-hop, try Dante’s in the U District where DJ4Norml will be hittin’ it up. If you can’t decide, go with The Boredoms at Neumo’s up on Capitol Hill, with their mix of pop, jazz, punk, and rock you will find something to like- or at least dance to. The electroheads will all be at the SOFA party at the Underground Lounge, stay all night for the phat beats of Panty Control, Novatron, Ctrl-Alt-Dlt, and Rodimus. Wherever you end up, wear comfortable shoes.

SATURDAY: As we all know, Saturday is International Pillow Fight Day and the Seattle venue is Red Square at the University of Washington Campus. The pillow fun starts at 6PM and is a “fight to the death” so you might want to bring that heavy down pillow. If you make it out alive, A Gun That Shoots Knives will be getting down and dirty for free at the Blue Moon Tavern, they play with The Resets and Kled. Crazy jam band Flowmotion will be livening up the crowd up at L.A.B. up north, and then the real crazy party goes down at the Pacific Science Center at Kinetic until 4AM with three stages of deejays droppin’ it and most of the museum, like the tropical butterfly house and dinosaur room open to run around in. Beats and butterflies? See you on the dance floor.

Community Shilo Suggests: Your Seattle Music Weekend